Doll Resources

A master list of various barbies I've shown in my videos + more. Patterns for sewing & beading and more coming soon!

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Doll Accessories

Doll display stands

Miscellaneous Barbies

Brown hair tan skin - curvy

Afro - small or 

Doctor barbie, dark skin - curvy

Maya Angelou

Rosa Parks

Ken Dolls

Long hair Ken (Hey Victor!)

Braided man-bun Ken

Fashionista Barbies

Find at your local toy stores, Walmart, Target, London Drugs, Loblaws & affiliates, Hudson Bay, Canadian Tire etc.

#109 Pink hair, pale - curvy

#121 Prosthetic leg - med skin

#123 Braided blonde, med skin - small

#126 Blonde, tan skin - curvy

#127 Black hair, pale skin - curvy

#135 Vitiligo afro - small

#143 Short black hair - small

#144 Micro box braids - curvy

#146 Prosthetic leg, dark skin - small

#147 Brown hair, tan skin - small

#150 Bald queen - small

#160 Dark hair, pale skin - small

#161 Orange hair deep skin - curvy

#166 Wheelchair, dark skin

#171 Vitiligo, med skin - curvy

#177 Black hair, pale skin - small

#179 White streaks, dark hair, deep skin - curvy

#180 Blonde afro - small

#182 Brown hair, tan skin - small


Basic Barbie Earrings

mini earring patternmini fringe pattern
Mini Red Dress Earrings
red dress earring pattern