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Custom Beaded Purses

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Get your own one-of-a-kind beaded purse!


1) Choose one of the three bags available: Below are the purses and my suggested designs.

  • Orange Calvin Clutch (1-3 patches) IDEAS - tropical: leaf, pineapple etc.
  • Pink faux-leather (1-4 patches) IDEAS - pretty flowers, unicorns, rainbow, etc.
  • Mint Green (1-6 patches) IDEAS - nature theme: cedar branch, leaves, flowers, etc.

OR send me a message and I will source a different style or colour of the bag. Note all bags are second-hand to reduce environmental impact.

2) Pick a design, either my suggested idea or anything you want (Fill in the personalization field) - What design do you want on your purse? I can do anything you want! Provide as much detail as possible.

3) Design creation - Once I've received your order, I will design the patches you want on paper and send you photos for your approval. Once I've gotten the OK I can start beading.

4) Beading - Then I will bead the designs and attach them to your purse. When it is done, I'll send you another photo to show you the final product. Then I will pack and ship it.

The overall process takes 2-3 weeks depending on my workload at the time of ordering. Please let me know if you have a deadline you would like to receive the purse, I will do my best to accommodate, and order as early as possible.


The first photo is an example of my custom beaded purses.


Please allow me up to 21 days to make the purse before shipping.


Canadian shipping: $13 with tracking, 1-13 business days USA: $25 with tracking, 5-13 business days International: $45 with tracking 15-30+ business days

Customer Reviews

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Emily Hagan
My absolute favorite purse!

I am so thrilled with my purse! Bre was so kind and open to taking my very loose design ideas and turning it into something so much better than I could have imagined. I also really appreciate how communicative Bre was during the process. The beading is absolutely exquisite - I am truly wearing art. Thank you for sharing your talent and your culture, Bre. I am so proud to wear this.